Welcome Guests and Fellow Ruggers!

April 6th-7th


Well rugby fans, some good news and sad news here with this post on Jan. 26th 2019.


We now have the date for 2019 for April 6th and 7th, and apologize with dates of the tournament bouncing around from a few weeks in March and April but we now have an official date of April 6th and 7th 2019. THE LOCATION has changed!!! This big event is now moving to South Sioux City!! Yes, “South Sioux” is the same area as Sioux City Iowa, but 1 min across the river to South Sioux Nebraska.


Now Why? Well some say the 2 biggest disasters was the Hindenburg Blimp Explosion, and the sinking of the Titanic, that is now up to 3. THE RILYES DANCE HALL IN WAYNE is now 40% bulldozed to the ground. YES, The big dance hall that has had Toby Keith and Adam Sandler and numerous other high end acts during the 1990’s and early 2000’s is now no longer. It went for sale for $1, and with so many repairs and roof damage/water leak/ it was structerly getting weak in stress point areas and condemned. In 2011, Wayne had 92 teams at this location and unfortunately will never have that experience again. So now what is in South Sioux City? So here we go.


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#1. THE MOST ASKED QUESTION!—Is there a big social location?! YES! Actually a bit BIGGER social location than Wayne!!!


#2. Is Social a true Dance Hall? YES, YES AND YES. Fully stocked with cold beverages, stage and lots of dance club lighting. Yes, we will dance, head bang. mingle and rock and roll!


#3. Is it 18 and older entry? YES, YES, and YES


#4. Does this place have a stage, lights and will it have music? YES, YES AND YES


#5 Will this be TOGA THEME? YES, YES AND YES


#6. How Big is South Sioux City? Only 8,000 so 15 Fields, hotels and social all in 15 block area


#7. We are broke college kids, can we camp? Yes, 135 camp sites just 4 blocks from game fields.


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#8. SHOWERS at the camp grounds! Also, Wi-Fi, cable TV, Elect Outlets at this big area.


#9. Hotels, well here is probably the best news, there are LOTS OF HOTELS JUST 3-4 MIN FROM FIELDS! Lots of variety to sleep, camping, super budget minded motels, mid level motels, upper mid level, and also very high level hotels. LOTS OF HOTELS Heck, stay at the HARD ROCK if you want, motels from $50ish---$200, you pick it, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of hotels all within 3-4 minutes. So those nights of sleeping in your car, church basements, roller rink floors, bowling alley floors, clubhouse floors, and inflated hotel pricing is OVER. You now have 4 walls and nice warm beds in South Sioux City AND not very far from games and social.


#10. Rugby area-----15 Field soccer complex, 1 MASSIVE PARKING LOT, Concrete Parking lot! Parking lot, is right between Fields 1-8 and 9-15.


#11. Walmart, tons of fast food places, grocery stores, all in South Sioux City.


#12. Are teams from different states pretty bummed about the move from Wayne to South Sioux City? Yes, it is fair to say people are simply stunned about the tournament not at Wayne. Teams have called over the last few weeks, and just simply bummed. We thought about everything, circus tents, or what ever. Teams drive 8-12 hours to come to this, and the Riley’s dance hall/TOGA CONCERT was a big reason why along with the best small town rugby complex in the USA.


We will try all we can to not only keep it exactly like has been for 17 years, and if anything even make it bigger and better. But with more hotels, cheaper Motel costs, 135 camping sites, and for most teams 45 min CLOSER DRIVE, in such short notice we really owe the city of S. Sioux City a big thank you on tossing us a LIFE RAFT, when this tournament was minutes from simply being canceled completely and just a memory for us for decades.


So raise a glass and “3-Cheers” to South Sioux City on keeping one of the biggest and most fun filled weekends for teams in the 12 state area and Canada.


Thanks everyone!! This has been a darn stressful month but we are ready to “Rock and Roll” on the rugby fields in South Sioux City on April 6th and 7th in 2019. Hotel info coming soon, and also!!!----register now!!!!! Please register now, and since I am old and busy, PLEASE PASS THIS INFO to the teams in your own rugby conference, since many are finding this news of the 2019 date and location as brand new news. Thanks for spreading the gospel and make this A BIG EVENT in 2019!


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