Welcome Guests and Fellow Ruggers!

Urgent Message On
Tournament News!!!


#1. Let’s plan for 2021! 

More on 2020 coming up on last paragraph.


So, 2021 will be the 20th anniversary of the Tournament, and our record number of teams we have had Was at the 10 year anniversary and 92 teams were here, and we want  it to be even bigger in 2021 on the 20th anniversary!


As you can see NEXT YEAR in 2021, can be a big time event, SO PLEASE PLAN ON IT.


NOW Lets get to this year in 2020.


Well, it is bad news. There will be no event, and it is a big kick in the shins to many college and town team ruggers in the 6 state area. 


Lots of reasons, but here are the big factors.


Last year we had to move the event from Wayne to South Sioux City for the fact Wayne lost its “Toga” dance hall that had 1,300 ruggers dancing the night away. Major problem but we got things patched up and moved the event last year.


In these last few months, our #1 contact in South Sioux just started cancer treatment and with the “Wayne” event now in another city, we are really behind the 8 ball, on the news of some serious health issues with a key person in South Sioux helping move this over to South Sioux last year.


Next, Already forecasted, that MORE flooding will be going on this spring on the Missouri River and as you guys were there last year, you can see that it don’t take much to have 80% of those fields under water, and with a heavy prediction of that, it don’t help planning.


Next, The field that was higher up and had TRUE goal posts,
well that is now a tennis court and parking.


And worse, 18 years of Wayne tournament stuff, was STOLEN.  Everything we had was in a Semi-Trailer. $15,000 worth of stuff was inside a 53 foot semi trailer and yes, someone went in with a full semi and hooked up and drove off with the trailer.


Next, NO INSURANCE. Not many rugby teams insure their stuff, and that was a big loss.

36 goal post pads, PA system, painter and everything you would ever buy and keep from 18 years of tournaments, just “drove off” with it.


Next, We are off school property, and that area is simply ran and maintained by me, so my stuff, my loss.


For those who are older, Wayne was hit with a F4 tornado 5 or 6 years ago, and we lost 2 buildings (again with lots of tournament stuff inside) not insured, and well, it took those last 5 years to get back what we lost from another massive loss.


Fundraising thoughts and planning will go on during this summer, and we are planning to have a BIG EVENT next year in 2021.


Yes, I HAVE CONTACTED THE BAND, “They ARE IN”  for the 20th anniversary event in 2021


Sorry everyone, but 2021 is cancelled, and be ready for 2021 with the 20th anniversary

The City Police, Sheriffs and entire state patrol were on this instantly, and we have not a trace of the trailer, it is just a sad loss but we will have a heck of an event for you next year!!!!


Cheers and thanks to everyone for those Friday night gifts at check in, dances, crowd surfing, head banging, pyro blasting times we had in Wayne. I know many of you use this as a recruiting tool for rookies, and that is the main reason, we need this back and bigger than ever next year in 2021.